Computer Industry - Selected Work


Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) Computer Processor (1980)

Architect, one of earliest VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) computer architecture proposals. Architecture, MSI and nMOS designs, software emulation. VLIW is now one of the most widely used processor architectures in the world. UCSD


First Handheld Programmable Portable Computer  (1981)

Software designer, system approach, hardware advisor. Clipboard-format, ruggedized portable, using first 2x16 LCD display ever brought into US. Azurdata


First Popular Hand-held Video Jukebox (1998)

Initial approach, engineering evaluation, and design for what became the world’s most successful line of handheld video players. Creative NOMAD


Materials Handling Robot (1982-1983)

Co-implementor, early widely-deployed materials handling and large-scale inventory control robot systems. Materials handling robot is still in use - 25,000 items a day at one facility.


Sound Quality Sound Noise and Vibration Analysis and Simulation (1994-1997)

Technical lead. Sound Quality was used for ten years by 1/3 of the world’s major auto manufacturers and many other industrial and consumer products companies. Managed teams in two US cities and UK. SDRC


Ada Debugger (1984-1987)

Designer and project lead, highly portable source-level debugger for first commercial implementation of the programming language Ada. Debug without recompilation. Managed teams in US and Sweden. TeleSoft


UCSD Pascal Project (1977-1980)

Wrote interpreter for LSI-11 and PDP-11 (v1.3 and up). Wrote native code generator for TI990. Wrote first Motorola 68000 disassembler (before chip was released).

(Java bytecode virtual machine was based on UCSD Pascal’s p-code.) UCSD


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