Movie and Television Industry - Selected Work


Academy Award - Technical Achievement (2014)

Primetime Emmy Engineering Award (2012)

Hollywood Post Alliance Judges Award for Creativity and Engineering (2015)

Co-designer, ASC CDL (American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List). Used in workflow of 90% of movies, 70% of TV shows, 99% of VFX turn over

Academy Awards Scientific & Technical Awards – Investigation Chair (2015-present)


Digital Cinema

Substantial roll in studying, defining, negotiating, building international support for, and training/transitioning the movie industry from film to competitive quality digital.

SMPTE Digital Cinema imaging Working Group - Vice-chair (2005-2012)

Digital Cinema we designed and defined is now showing on 97% of theatre screens worldwide

SMPTE Digital Cinema Security - Vice-chair (2005-2012)

Digital Cinema security system we designed and defined is used for essentially all motion picture distribution worldwide, protecting $35B of US IP annually

ASC-DCI Standard Evaluation Material (StEM) - Test Design Lead (2002-2005)

Industry-reference, feature-quality test movie used to develop and validate requirements for digital cinema projection, distribution, mastering. $250K budget. One of principal motivators, designers, coordinators, producers. Scouting photos.

ASC-PGA Camera Assessment Series (CAS) – Design & Lead Team (2006-2010)

Feature-level evaluation of seven digital cinema and one 35mm film camera. On-set leadership team for 200+ person shoot at Universal. One of key motivators, designers, participants. Scouting photos.

ASC-PGA Image Control Assessment (ICAS) - Design & Lead Team (2011-2015)

Feature-level evaluation of cutting-edge digital production and post workflow. One of references for industry HDR and wide-gamut exploration. One of key designers.

ISDCF 3D Luminance Demonstration – Organizer & Test Designer (2009)

First and only industry-wide demonstration of practical, in-theater effects of mastering and exhibiting 3D at a range of luminances.

Academy ACES (Color Encoding System) – Contributor (2004-2014)

Core team design, testing of Look Management Transform, ACESlog, ACESproxy.


4K Digital Cinema Server design (2003)

Proposal and design for DCI Proof-of-Concept system.

Professional Displays

Industry reference work characterizing CRT use in post-production.

Next Generation Consumer Displays

Industry reference work for consensus proposed EOTF for UHDTV (ITU Rec. 2020).



Member, Visual Effects Society (2012-present)

Associate Member, American Society of Cinematographers (2012-present)

Secretary, ASC Technology Committee (Founding-present)

Vice-chair, ISDCF (2007-2009)


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