A Quick Overview of Selected Work...




Digital Cinema Imaging and Security (2002-2012)

Cost savings for the industry. More options for movie makers. Improved experience for audiences.

About 8B viewers/year. Playing on 97% of theater screens worldwide. Protecting $35B of US IP annually.

(Viewership from PwC, minus discount. Screen penetration from NATO & personal interviews. IP value from studio execs & personal interviews.)



ASC CDL Movie and Television Production and Post-production Technology (2003-present)

Academy Award and Primetime Emmy Engineering Award.

Used in the workflow of 90% of movies, 70% of scripted series TV, and 99% of visual effects turn over.

(ASC CDL penetration from personal survey of key hands-on execs at the major post houses.)




SWACS - Sea World Audio Cueing System (1986-1988)

A new method of training killer whales - a "synthetic language" using sound projected under water.

SWACS has been used in shows for about 400M people since 1986.

(Audience size from SW PR, plus major news service reports, extrapolated for span, and discounted for Shamu attendance.)



Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) Computer Processor Architecture (1979/1980)

Made first proposal of a VLIW processor architecture. For the initial 15 years of rapid GPU deployment and growth, VLIW was used in more than 1/2 of deployed GPUs.

Designed VLIW as core of a high-performance, multi-algorithm digital music synthesizer for arranging.

(Origination claim: Andy Moorer, Stanford and ILM, and other experts. VLIW adoption info from general references/press and expert interviews.)




SDRC I-DEAS Sound Quality

Sound, Noise, and Vibration analysis system used for a decade by 1/3 of the world's major auto manufacturers to help reduce design cycles from 3 years to 6 months.

(Penetration/use reports from industry experts and Sales execs at SDRC.)



Pervasive Computing (1988-1992)

Introduced the Pervasive Computing model and terminology.

(Personal meetings and communication with Mark Weiser, Xerox PARC.)



Highly-portable Source-level Debugger for the first commercial implementation of Ada (1986)

Originated the idea and use of a Remote Debugger Agent to provide target abstraction, giving exceptional portability.




Biological Fingerprinting System using the Auto-immune Antigen Profile (1984)

An alternative to DNA-based biological fingerprinting. Used during Desert Storm.



Robotics: Inventory Control System; Materials Handling Robot; Factory Control Network Protocol (1983)

The Materials Handling Robot product is still in use today, handling 25,000 items a day in Las Vegas.



Clip-board Portable Computer (1981)

The first small, rugged, fully programmable, clip-board format portable computer.  QWERTY keyboard and the first 2 line x 16 character LCD display ever brought into the US. Ran the full UCSD Pascal development environment.



UCSD Pascal (1977-1980)

Early, widely used IDE (10,000 users in 1979). Popularized Pascal. Introduced context sensitivity still largely lacking today. The UCSD Pascal psuedo-code model inspired the Java Virtual Machine.

(User #s from direct access to full user database. Java observations from direct correspondence with James Gosling.)



"Enhanced Human Perception in Manned Space Exploration" (2014)

An invited speaker in the Transhumanism track at the 2014 International Space Development Conference (ISDC14). Talk finished with an overflow, standing-room-only crowd.



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